Finally a holiday! Paris? New York? Antarctica? I wish and I dream ?
None of the above to be sure...so where am I going for my holiday and what am I going to be doing you ask with anticipation?
First, the definition of a holiday for me is not frantic hustle and bustle for x amount of days racing from one place to another, nor lazing idly on a beach sunning myself and risking skin cancer, nor indeed hiding from the world in my brothers house on a farm....
No...my definition of the perfect holiday is gathering resources, ideas and information for future creative exploits with my best friend who will be busy gathering her own. Each year we consider a weekend, yes a WHOLE TWO DAYS, to be absorbed in our own exploits in the same location..I photograph, journal and make jewelry and she writes poetry and her novella. Families safely at home struggling over their abandonment.
So this year it is close to home due to concern about our environmental footprint and financial concerns as usual...
In fact it is so close to home that we will be in the next town unbeknowns to family ( they will not read this blog until after the holiday)
The next town is an idyllic historical seaside town of Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia...
My mission is to create a weekend journal, when I come home. I will photograph, draw and write about the historic ( yes at least 100 years old!) hotels and fishermans dwellings, the stoic chimneys, the piers and squid fishermen, sunsets and maybe a sunrise, the older citizens who drag their shopping home past ivy covered alleyways alone, the loneliness and community of this small 2000 or so small town, the waterbirds and unfortunate dichotomy of the old and the new....
Yes this is just the next town but on holiday you see things differently...I can write in cafes and walk along beaches....no dishes, no cooking, no cleaning up ( well a little of course)...
This is something I have always wanted to do...document where I live...
and next year it will be the town I live in!!! tricky but I can do it

And when I come home I will put the journal together, in time...and be satisfied that my holiday was fruitful and successful...
the beauty being that if I want an extra pic it is not too far to go!!!

I never thought to post this info about my silly holidays before but Artfire offered a competition to win a camera, which would certainly assist my holiday resources.
As a shopowner on Artfire, selling Jewelry tutorials I am happy to advertise their fantastic site and encourage others to enter...though I must tell you I would like to win

anyway until next post...and certainly I will be showing the results of this holiday in late December, when they are available..

happy holidaying

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